Roshan Gharana scheme

How to Get Free Solar Power with the Roshan Gharana Program 

Roshan Gharana Program

The Roshan Gharana Program was initiated in 2024. This plan aims to create a bright future by providing renewable energy and other types of benefits.  This program is beneficial for villagers and aims to raise the standard of living. When the solar panel is improved, it will reduce the electricity bills and also reduce the carbon emissions. 

So the purpose of the Roshan Gharana Program is to reduce electricity bills and welcome solar panels.

Who Can Apply for the Roshan Gharana Program?

The Roshan Gharana Program is for those families who are poor and cannot afford heavy electricity bills.  Its opening is only for Punjab provinces, not other regions take the benefit.

Those families who do not use more than 100 units of electricity per month will be eligible for this program. So far it has been opened on a small scale, and if it expands can get benefit more families. So stay updated about the new government plan

Benefits of Roshan Gharana For Eligible Families 

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The Roshan Gharana program offers many benefits of solar power. These include:

Now eligible families can receive solar panels at no cost.

Poor families can save a significant portion of money by eliminating heavy bills.

Air pollution will be decreased if renewable energy is promoted.

With reliable lighting, children can study after dark, improving educational outcomes and opportunities.

Free Solar Power with the Roshan Gharana Program Latest Update

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched the Roshan Gharana Program in Punjab.  This program aims to provide solar panels to 50.000 eligible families, receiving more than 5 panels. Those families are eligible for this program whose monthly bill is less than 100 units.

To apply, visit the relevant government office to get the application form. Fill it out and submit it to the bank for processing.


The Roshan Gharana program is hope for many underserved communities. By providing free solar panels to poor families and a host of benefits, the program is not only to improve the way of living but also beneficial for the environment as well as society. Now people can save money by installing solar panels.

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